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Accessible and social coaching in friendly, down-to-earth run groups. Mixed and womens groups available. Locations across Canberra.

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An often overlooked and misunderstood element to improving your running. Mobile or in house at the Pure Will Fitness Studio

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An in depth look at how you’re moving. Our is an individualised approach with recommendations tailored for you and your specific goals.

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Will’s coaching helped me get back in the running groove after a long break. The classes were really informative and friendly. The focus was on taking things at your own pace but it was also great to have a few rabbits to chase.
– Sonja


For ANY body? Yes, really! Half the reason we’ve been coaching runners over the years is to help ANY person with ANY shape or background into their first strides and beyond.

Not a beginner? No worries. We’re not either. Our coaching team includes ultra resilient ultra distance athletes with multiple 100km events completed, competitive runners and coaches with elite experience.

So, me too? Absolutely. The biggest question we get is, ‘can I do this?’. With patience, some courage and plenty of support, yes, you can! The biggest misunderstanding about coached running groups is that they’re chock full of gazelles sprinting off into the distance.

We have a few gazelles, but we’ve also got penguins, hares, turtles, foxes, awkward baby giraffes and even a few goldfish!

The point isn’t how fast. It’s not about comparison. It’s about you, and how we can open up the world of running to see what it can offer your health and wellness.


Similarly? to group run coaching, strength training for runners in a group brings all the benefits of group training (accountability, motivation and social support) to a very overlooked area of run training.

Our style is supplementary training specifically aimed at developing stability in all the right places, without ruining your body. After all, the best training for running is running, and if oyu gym workouts wreak havoc on your legs, you won’t be running well at all.

Appropriate for all levels, and you might just be surprised by how appropriately challenging our methods are, for absolute beginners and long term, highly experienced runners.

Our methods are influenced by the unique approach taken by long term endurance athlete and head coach, Will Lind, in his one-on-one training session, but are adapted for a group setting. If you’re serious about a more stable, reliable running body, strength training is a must.

Group Times and Locations
**All Term 4 Afternoons will be 530pm – 630pm**

Area | Times | Coach

Freebody Oval
Monday Mornings

Coach Will
600am – 700am

South Canberra
Mawson – Trail Running Focus
Monday Evenings

Coach Shiree
530pm – 630pm

City Area
Lake Burley Griffin
Tuesday Evenings

Coach Kristy/Coach Will

530pm – 630pm

City Area
Lake Burley Griffin
Wednesday Evenings

Coach Shiree

530pm – 630pm

Womens’ Groups
Current Times and Locations

Reid Ovals – Trail Focus
Tuesday Mornings
Coach Shiree
600am – 700am

Group Strength Training

Pure Will Fitness Studio
69 Uriarra Road, Queanbeyan
Saturday Afternoons
Coach Shiree/Will
145pm – 245pm

I signed up to Pure Will Running in March this year with a few friends… When it was warm!! The idea was to get some coaching that would help us run more functionally, to reduce injuries and keep us going on for some years yet. What I didn’t expect was to enjoy it so much!!

Now, I’m not a get up and run at 6am before work sort of person, particularly in -5°C, but Coach Will is so encouraging and knowledgeable that I just keep signing up. The group is relaxed and fun and the coaches give great advice and make it worthwhile being there each morning.

So thanks to coaches Will, Bernadette and Laura…I have improved my parkrun pb’s four times and have even dabbled in some trails!
– Sue


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