The women were so welcoming and encouraging and I actually can’t wait to go back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. If you have been umming and ahhing and thinking running is only for the elite athletes, these guys are the Team to join.
– Samantha

Pure Will Running has been around a while now. For a few years we’ve been providing specialist running services under the name ‘Functional Running’. Over that time we’ve helped hundreds of runners, from those in our absolute beginner ‘how to run’ workshops, to online coaching and consultation, to competitive running programs for those with serious stretch goals.

In mid 2017 we changed our name to Pure Will Running to proudly show our place as a part of the Pure Will family (which we were always part of, just under a more technical sounding name).

Pure Will is a family owned business operating a variety of fitness services in Canberra and Queanbeyan. Our big thing is culture and community, as well as reaching out with a clear message for recreational exercisers – you can do it. We’re here to support you. It’s that simple.

You can check out Pure Will Fitness by clicking here.

Pure Will Running operates on a Term by Term basis for 2017. Participants register for a term, and re-register to continue on. Terms rolls consecutively into each other (no breaks except mid-winter and Christmas/New Years).

However, we DON’T want to create more blockages to helping people run, so don’t wait if you have found us mid-term! Please get in touch to see if we can sneak you in!

At Sessions, you have a Coach who has a point or two to teach that session, often about running form and technique, but sometimes nutrition, race tips, event preparation, or just generally about getting fitter. You’ll warm up. And then you’ll do the main set!

Main set?
The main set is the workout component of a Pure Will Running session. Most sessions are variation of an interval set – bouts of running split up with complete or active rests. There are major benefits to structuring a session like this, foremost being the Coach can stand, observe, and actually coach! Secondly, all levels of runners can engage in the same session and get a running workout specific to their fitness level. Further, most runners struggle to find motivation for their interval set, so we provide that here.

Group size? Groups are anywhere from six to 20 runners. Any more than that and we’ll have another Coach on hand (or limit the size of the group).

There are no speed or fitness requirements. Our typical runner is probably 30 – 45 year old female, but we don’t really believe in ‘typical’ anybody so what ever you’re bringing, you already have the right stuff!

A Team Effort

Pure Will Running is lead by a team of Coaches who support each other in supporting our runners. We are constantly learning and pushing each other to develop as coaches and runners, just as we’re encouraging and supporting our groups to persist and celebrate their achievements.

You can read more about our coaching team here.

We offer Mixed Groups and Womens only groups, with a timetable that grows as the Coaching team expands.

Click here to head to our Timetable on the home page.

More Than Just Running

The Pure Will Running Team brings a lot to the table. Our experiences are highly varied, with the team including not just run coaches, but coaches who are experienced full-time Personal Trainers and/or Strength & Conditioning specialists.

We bring maturity to the coaching game, with years of experience coaching the every day runner, who can and should be approaching their training differently to an elite or competitive runner.

We also offer highly specific run strength training, rehab training for those returning to running, mobility sessions (mostly in the warmer months!), alternative views from the mainstream (often misleading) perspectives on run training and the support of a team of people genuinely interested in their runners’ success.

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