Suitable for Beginners, or Just the Elite?

Strength training, especially in the way we approach the subject, is for everyone. A beginner runner will benefit greatly from targeted training to overcome major issues. For an elite runner, strength training is essential as they continue to hammer their bodies which will only slowly weaken over time.

Strength training will address your biomechanical weaknesses that limit your ability to run smoothly. We’ll put some air in your tyres and some spring in your step!

Not a Runner, But Run for Your Sport or Work?

We can also help you with your beep test or mandatory fitness testing, or assist develop speed, power and/or endurance for your chosen sport.

We have helped soccer players, triathletes, hikers, current and ex- military members, Army Reserve &, Defence applicants, AFP recruits and ACT Fire & Rescue applicants.

Returning From Injury?

Pure Will Running specialises in working with runners post injury return to full fitness and confidence. With your physiotherapist or treating specialists support and green light, we can take your training to the next level and bring you back to readiness. Often our clients come back better than ever!

What is Strength Coaching?

Strength coaching with Pure Will Running is targeted, progressive training specific to running AND the individual. In essence, it really all boils down to stability, and that’s the aim of the game at Pure Will Running.

It is most certainly not about just ‘lifting weights’. Weights might form part of the program, but more importantly is having a keen eye to find and address individual function, and work to your current personal abilities.

Our approach means we’ll probably be engaging in exercises you won’t be familiar with, and may never have seen before. It’s still strength training, but it’s about seeking and building stability that is fluid, rather than rigid, from which you can enhance your movement and performance.

We don’t follow any cookie cutter programs, and have not simply followed the crowd when it comes to what works best for runners.

Fee $100 per session for outdoors (mobile call outs) / $90 for indoor sessions at the Pure Will Fitness Studio (Queanbeyan)

Duration: 60 minutes

Includes: Follow up homework/at home training program.

Session Style: This depends entirely on the individual and what will best serve their goals. We can conduct sessions around creating flexibility and movement, addressing key physical limitations (like foot and calf strength, or shoulder stability), as well as global strength, dynamic stability and even simply cross training and supplementary fitness during time of injury away from running.

What Makes Pure Will Training Different?

Your Pure Will Strength Coach is a runner at heart, not a generic fitness trainer. We haven’t simply finished a few run runs either, but have spent hundreds of hours running hundreds of kilometres, both on and off trail.

We’ve spent years developing gait specific strength exercises that respect key variables that will quickly improve your running (such as your biomechanical relationship with gravity, key elements of posture and addressing local dysfunction in the context of the rest of the body).