“Hey Will, it’s Kaine. Just wanted to let you know just did my first 5km after your coaching and I could not believe the improvement thanks so much you’re a f#$%ing legend”
– Kaine

What is a Technique Assessment?

A technique coaching session is a 60 minute outdoor session that includes pre-assessment questionnaire, filming, discussion, strategies for interventions and an email follow up summary.

First Session Fee: $130 (includes summary report and recommendations)

Follow up sessions: $100 per session

Strength and Conditioning: $100 per session (outdoors)/$90 per session (indoors) – normally booked in packs of 6 to 10

Click here for more information on strength coaching for runners.

Who is it for?

Anyone. We can explore technique improvements to mitigate injury, to improve the  ‘feel’ of your run, when searching for improved run economy and for overall better results.

Who will I see?

Your Technique Coaching session will be performed by Coach Will.

Coach Will has been working with people on improving their movement for years. A certified Run Coach, Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Rehab Trainer and The Biomechanics Method specialist, as well as an endurance athlete with over a decade of training and competition experience, he’s well placed to help you out.

Being a full time Coach and Personal Trainer, Coach Will has accumulated hundreds of hours of observation time across hundreds of different individuals.

He’s brimming with passion, immensely approachable and most definitely keen to help all levels of runners, including absolute beginners!


Technique Coaching sessions are outside at any clear, open space. Reasonable weather is a must. When booking sessions we will find a location to suit. Coach Will currently books sessions in the City, Woden, Fyshwick, Queanbeyan, Manuka, Kingston, Narrabundah area. The most popular time is lunch breaks. 

A technique coaching session with Coach Will isn’t about fitting the runner to a pre-set pattern or method. It’s about guiding the runner from where they are and establishing a strategy for where they want to be.

All technique coaching sessions will differ depending on the level and competency of the runner, but you can expect three parts to every session: Investigation, Observation, Dissection & Direction.

An Investigation starts with a pre-session questionnaire so we can gather more information about your health, fitness and injury history. We’ll then need to observe you running before filming and confirming our observations in slow motion. Filming is brilliant, chiefly because it allows to runner to see what’s being described by the Coach.

We’ll Dissect the footage together and recap our observations with you (in a way you can understand!). And then, most importantly for you, offer Direction in the form of interventions you can implement immediately.

An enormous difference with Pure Will Running is that Coach Will brings extensive experience in strength and conditioning, hands on niggle and ache management and specialisation in human movement. We don’t just offer suggestions. Our coaching could include self massage and release techniques as well as stretching and strengthening programs.

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